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The Pink Chair

Visiting a niece on her farm, a little pink chair hanging from a swing set caught my eye. The tattered chair hung by yellow rope waited patiently to be useful again. At that moment in time, I completely identified with the pink chair. Coming out of my own pink illness, I longed for usefulness, for art, and beauty. In that second I realized I had the want to capture life, to seize its beauty and create art for you. Since that day my camera and I are inseparable.  ~gina marie

In the Studio

Children may walk into the studio a stranger to us, but they generally leave giving us a hug or fist pump. In our sessions, we allow children to be who they are, explore the studio to get familiar, wander on and off the set, and finally to trust us. If a child is out of sorts, that's ok too. We will find the right prop to bring them back to the set, wipe the tears, and find the smile. We love children of all abilities and can accommodate special requests. Come be our client and leave our friend.