What an incredible few years....Just 8 years ago I walked out of my last cancer treatment, vulnerable, terrified, exhilarated,  blessed and grateful - grateful especially for the newness of life, new friends, new purpose, renewed.  Many factors shaped this new passion. Chris Krossing, a place for healing and peace for children of the fallen, offered me solace, healing, and solidarity. Donna and I both suffering pain, albeit of different  side of the spectrum, we sat often in the warm Texas breeze watching the horses run. I'd rock in the red rocker and doze off as evening closed in on the ranch. I started bringing my camera with me and little by little the rocker rocked less and I strolled through the fields capturing life in my lens. The horses posed and played just for me. Soon after this, my sweet sister in law, who prayed with me through my treatments, succumbed to cancer. While in south Texas visiting her daughters, one of whom lived on a farm, the wooden tattered pink chair stared at me. My oncologist kept encouraging me to brand myself with photography, and there my branding swung in the breeze. I am that tattered, pink, re-purposed dining chair, a bit deformed even, hanging as a swing. Pink chair....the journey's beginning.